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Preventive Dentistry – Eatontown, NJ

We Help Keep Your Smile Bright and Healthy

NU Dental Eatontown and Dr. G want to make it easy to experience a healthy and attractive smile. After you see the difference between a healthy smile and one riddled with issues, you’ll wonder how you went so long without visiting us for care! Still need to complete a six-month checkup? Give our dental office a call. Routine prevention is one of the best ways to protect your teeth and gums from most common oral health problems. After you do, you’ll quickly realize how easy it is to maintain a bright and healthy smile thanks to preventive dentistry in Eatontown, NJ.

Why Choose NU Dental Eatontown for Preventive Dentistry?

Dental Checkups & Teeth Cleanings

Woman receiving preventive dentistry exam

In order to remove all plaque and tartar from your teeth, you’ll need to have them cleaned at our dental office at least twice a year. Routine brushing and flossing allows you to manage plaque, but tartar cannot be removed on your own if it appears. Furthermore, hard-to-reach areas of the mouth are best handled by an experienced hygienist. Keep in mind that these are only a couple reasons why regular checkups and cleanings matter. Our thorough exams ensure we catch underlying problems before they turn into serious concerns.

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Children’s Dentistry

Little girl pointing to her smile after children's dentistry treatment

It does not matter how young your child may be, there’s a good chance they have erupting teeth. Once they do erupt, they can develop cavities. The good news is regular checkups and cleanings are easy to complete at our dental office, whether your child is 12 months or 6 years old. If they are feeling anxious about their visit, you can bet that we’re prepared to create an accommodating environment for them and their needs. This way, they feel right at home during their first and future appointments. If you’re curious about their dental development, please let us know any questions that you have.

Fluoride Treatment

Child receiving fluoride treatment

It’s very common to find most toothpaste brands and public drinking water sources to be containing fluoride, but this is not an accident. This natural-occurring mineral is a fantastic supplement for strengthening your teeth and preventing cavities along the way. If you aren’t getting enough, your regular checkup can offer major benefits. With professional fluoride applications, you can receive highly concentrated fluoride directly on your teeth. While it can come in different forms, such as a gel, varnish, foam, or rinse, they all accomplish the same goal. Once applied, the enamel absorbs it slowly over time. While you will need to avoid eating or drinking anything for the next 30 minutes to let the fluoride do its magic, it is quick and 100% painless.

Oral Cancer Screening

Patient receiving oral cancer screening

Caught in the early stages, you can remove oral cancer and effectively cure it far more easily. In fact, this remains the case for many other types of cancer as well, which is why routine cancer screenings are essential. When you visit our dental office, we perform a comprehensive oral cancer screening, a condition that’s diagnosed in over 50,000 people every year. During the exam, we look for patches of discolored tissue, abnormal lumps, and sores that have not healed. Furthermore, we’ll examine your neck and throat to confirm if any symptoms are present. If we find anything concerning, we’ll partner you with a general physician.

Nightguards for Grinding/TMJ

Clear nightguard on metal tray

Are you sharing your bed with a partner that keeps complaining about the sound of your teeth grinding as you sleep? Do you notice them grinding their teeth? Regardless, the sound of grinding and clenching is the least of your problems. When teeth grinding occurs, enamel breaks down. Without treatment, this habit can easily lead to TMJ disorder, which puts stress on the jaw joints and leads to chronic pain. If you have a custom-made nightguard, which you can get designed at our dental office using our digital impression technology, you can stay proactive against teeth grinding and save money on less effective store-bought solutions.

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