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Frequently Asked Dental Questions – Eatontown, NJ

Ready to Address
Your Common Concerns

The more chances we have to teach and inform patients about oral health, the better off they are. We believe that when you take the time to learn about dental care, it results in a smile that is healthier, brighter, and better overall. If you have any questions about dental care or your oral health, please review the most common questions we hear at NU Dental Eatontown. Here, we provide our comprehensive responses. If you have another question that is not mentioned, we encourage you to give us a call and we’ll do everything possible to help before you arrive.

How often should dental checkups be completed?

Patients should be completing routine checkups and cleanings at least once every six months or twice a year. This helps you avoid the majority of dental health problems as well as catch dental issues before they turn into emergencies. It’s also one of the most effective methods for avoiding tooth decay and gum disease.

How can I relax during dental appointments?

Many people tend to feel nervous when they need dental treatments completed, and that’s exactly why our dental office goes above and beyond to meet their needs directly. When you can stay calm during procedures, your dental experience becomes much more relaxing. This is why we tell patients to consider our dental office’s various sedation options, whether it be nitrous oxide or oral conscious sedation. Both of these can help manage dental anxiety, fear, and nervousness.

If my tooth hurts, should I schedule an emergency appointment right away?

If you have tooth pain, your first thought might be to wait and see if you really need to call and schedule an emergency appointment. Our general rule-of-thumb is do not wait. Start by rinsing your mouth with warm water and floss your teeth to remove any potential food debris. Then, if pain persists, call our dental office within the next 48 hours to schedule an appointment. Toothaches are often tied to dental infections that you should never leave untreated.

Are metal braces my only option for straightening teeth?

Not at all! It’s very common for both adults and teenagers to choose Invisalign over metal braces. Instead of having to wear multiple brackets and wires along your teeth, which are very noticeable in your smile, you can use a series of transparent clear aligners made from medical-grade materials. These clear aligners do not affect your smile’s appearance and are easily removable. This means you won’t have to change your oral care routine or your diet just to address crooked teeth. To start Invisalign or use our dental office’s very own house-made aligners, give Dr. Gizachew a call.

What’s the best way to replace missing teeth?

The answer to this question really depends on the number of teeth you intend on replacing. However, you’ll find us often recommending dental implants because of their functionality, longevity, and lifelike esthetics. On top of that, they are the only treatment that’s designed to last well over 30 years when properly maintained.

Do you have cosmetic treatments to make my smile look more attractive?

There are multiple cosmetic enhancements to consider at NU Dental Eatontown. Not only can you get quick and effective professional teeth whitening done in-office or at home, but we offer metal-free restorations, porcelain veneers, and cosmetic bonding, all of which can hide a variety of imperfections. To set up your first cosmetic consultation, give us a call!

Does your dental office accept dental insurance?

NU Dental Eatontown is currently in-network with many major dental insurance plans. With that said, patients can also expect out-of-network savings with their dental plan. If you’d like more information about your policy’s coverage, you can call our dental office directly and our team will answer any questions they can before you arrive.